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Name:Evan Goodwin (Iefan Gudwgan)
Location:Tobermory, Ontario, Canada
Name: Iefan Gudwgan (Evan Goodwin)
Age: 31
Ability: Iefan can speak to and channel the souls of the dead, the blessed and the damned. Since the Second Incident, Iefan's ability has bled into his engineering skills. He's become able to draw the souls of the dead into machines and mechanical bodies.
Flaw: Since the Second Incident, speaking with the deceased has the tendency to place his mind outside of time and space. To the outside observor, he looks catatonic and the longer he speaks with them, the worse it looks.
Family Affiliations: Gudwgan / Gage
Family: Emily Gage (whereabouts unknown since 1947), Lillie Aderyn, Robert Morgan, Grace Groves (In Port Roseway with Gage Family, now Swifts)

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